Sunday, November 13, 2011


So I few weeks before Jake my family had picutres taken so Jake and I were able to get a few taken of US! I love them!

This is my personal fav...
Okay, do you see how he looks at me? I am in love!

Ahh we are so stinking darling. I kind of love that he is holding my heels in this photo!

Getting these pictures made my happy :)

Saturday, November 5, 2011

I'm 19!!!

November 3rd is the BEST day out of the whole entire year because it is MY birthday! This year I turned 19 years old. I feel pretty darn cool now that I am so much older than I was at 18, I know so much more, I am far more mature, and I know everything.

I had a spectacular birthday. I'll admit...leading up to it I just wanted to get it over with since I knew Jacob wouldn't be there and once it passed that meant only one more without him.

The night before my birthday I was sure to wear one of Jake's shirts to bed so that I could wake up on my day and be wearing it :) What a great idea I had until I went to put it on and is smelled JUST like him! Holy cow I think my heart skipped a beat or three.

When my family came in to sing happy birthday and give me breakfast in bed I kind of freaked out a little because I knew there would be no Jacob in my whole day.

Kami sprayed me with silly string to wake me. She said she did that because I like random things.

Me and my sisters opening my presents in bed :)

The cakes my mom made for my birthday. We each got our own cake! Man, my mom is the best!

Birthday lunch! I wanted to just have Pretzel's from the pretzel place at Town Square for my lunch but they didn't have cream cheese. Umm, what kind of pretzel place doesn't have cream cheese? So we couldn't eat there. We went to California Pizza Kitchen instead :)

Okay, umm do I not have THE cutest family? My mom made me a blanket out of MINE AND JACOB'S SHIRTS!!! My mom is SO great! Kennadi gave me a build-a-bear. He is a little missionary named Elder Hansen. When your push his paw he says "hey Kacey, I love you SO much" in Jacobs voice. Kennadi had to record him saying that before he even left!

This is me with the gifts from my family :) They are so good to me! I really am so lucky! They all tried so hard to make my birthday perfect, they did a great job! I love them!

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Chocolate Covered Orange sticks for lunch.

YAY!!! My first letter came today! It totally made my day! It was a much needed letter. He is so cute. I love his handwriting, the way he writes, the silly things he says, and his success! It is so much fun!

This picture doesn't even do justice to how excited I was when I got this letter!

Also, Tuesday's are his PDAY! So he was able to e-mail and update all of us! We have been going crazy since Wednesday! Mom (Jake's mom) and I have been waiting on pins and needles to hear from him! We pretty much are going to be living for Tuesdays for the next two years.

Jake is loving the MTC. He is the district leader! Is that really a surprise though? He likes his companion, Elder Bass. He prays, teaches and bears his testimony in Spanish. He was so worried about the language but we all knew he would be a natural. I love that he is so happy there! He is seriously so cute. Everything he writes makes me smile!

Elder Jacob Riley Hansen is the world's cutest missionary!

So to celebrate my letter, the e-mail, and my birthday I got some orange sticks :) No real relation, just and excuse to eat a yummy treat.