Monday, June 27, 2011

old car-new car

Many of you know I drove a 1990 Mazda. This car was older than I am. I drove her for over 2 and 1/2 years and she finished with a grand total of 157,388. We have some wonderful memories....

One day I went to drive my car to school. I got in and noticed a few things were not quite right. For example: I did an awful job of parking, when I turned the car on the radio was off (I always leave it on), she was left in 3rd gear, and was lower on gas than I thought. Since these few things were slightly off, I asked my parents if they had driven my car, both of them didn't do it. Turns out my 14 year old brother decided to go for a drive to 7/11. Not surprising.

My car has been decorated for dances, swim meets...everything you can imagine!

This car has been so good to me.

1) I have made multiple road trips in this car, including through snow storms. She doesn't have cruise control so often times my leg would be pretty tired after long drives.

2) Once the radio went out so the kids in auto shop at Sierra Vista High fixed it for me.

3)This car is a stick shift...I kind of pride myself in being able to know how to drive one. The air conditioner was totally sweet! It did this rotating thing where it would change directions on its own. However, for whatever reason, it seemed to favor the passenger side.

4) This is the back. There is a hitch...not quite sure what this little car can tow....

5) Here is the driver window that has been stuck this way for over a year now. When it first broke my dad thought he could fix's been this way ever since

6) This spoon me sticker is from a frozen yogurt place in Utah. I LOVE frozen yogurt. Whenever my dad drove my car he got lots of stares and texts from people who saw him. The "Itri" sticker my dad got for me after I did my first triathlon...which I won :)

7) This is the front of my huh?

8)There is a missing hub cap. Last summer my tire blew and the hub cap got lost along the way....

This car has been such a blessing in my life! I have driven friends all over and she has smelled strongly of chlorine and burritos.

Every once in a while something would go wrong and she would break down. My dad ALWAYS came to the rescue.

I cried a little when she broke down for good.

This was the perfect first car!

Hopefully my new car will be the perfect second car!

This is my new (new to me) 2005 Hyundai with only 40,000 miles! And in perfect condition!

1) An arm rest. I didn't have any of those before. Cup holders. Didn't have those either. Automatic.

2) Side view. Note that this car has all four hub caps.

3) No hitch. I don't know how I'm going to tow my boat now...

Now when I pull up to places, I don't sound like a go-kart.

I am VERY excited for my new car. Jake says it is little and cute just like me :D He's so sweet!

Monday, June 20, 2011

the blog bandwagon

It's about time I jump on the blog bandwagon.
Mostly because I have so much to say and everyone should hear it.
But really because I like writing things down, like journaling in a way.

Ten facts about me:
1) I am in love! His name is Jacob Riley Hansen.
2) I just finished my first year at UNLV.
3) I am a Meetings and Events Major. Maybe I'll plan weddings or travel with and events company one day.
4) I am the oldest of four kids. Jordan (16), Kennadi (13), and Kami (11)
5) I am a professional swim instructor! I can teach anyone and everyone to swim! And I love it!
6) I absolutely love Las Vegas!
7) I spent over 13 years of my life swimming competitively but have recently decided to try other things and I am very happy!
8) I am a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints and proud of it!
9) My mom, dad, sisters, and Jake are my closest and best friends :)
10) My little 1990 Mazda has reached and end :( RIP!

There are sooo many more facts but I should really only limit it to 10 for now...

Summer has been fabulous! My family moved to a new house at the beginning of summer so we have a big beautiful home with a pool! We love it!

I am a primary teacher to the cutest 4 year olds! I am pretty much ALWAYS with kids. I teach swim lessons, work a kids camp, teach primary, and babysit...I love those little munchkins :)

Jake is going to MEXICO! He reports to the MTC on October 26, 2011. Yes, I will be waiting for him :) who wouldn't?!

Fathers Day was yesterday! In my opinion, my dad really is the best! He is the hardest most amazing man I know! My mom is the luckiest woman alive to have a man like him. My siblings and I are very blessed to have such a good role model! P.S Firehouse on Ft. Apache and Flamigo just opened!

I should stop now before I have a 500 page blog post, although I can easily do that with all I have to say.

Follow your own Yellow Brick Road.