Thursday, September 13, 2012


Today my little brother turns 18 years old! Holy cow! Where does the time go? It seems like yesterday that we were playing hide and go seek together (wait, maybe that was yesterday).

For those of you who do not know my brother Jordan...
1. He is brilliant! When he was little (about 5 years old) our younger sister Kennadi got a bike for her birthday. The bike came in a box not put together yet. Jordan had been outside for quite some time, when my mom went to get him she found him and the bike...assembled. When my mom asked how he was able to read the instructions his response was "what instructions?"
2. He is fun! So who doesn't think their brother is totally awkward? I thought for the longest time that Jordan was super awkward and I feared for his first date. Jordan and I went on a double date and to my surprise, he was totally cool. He opened the door, let her order first, asked about her, responded normally, I was in awe. He is so fun to hang out with!
3. He's adventurous! When Jordan was two years old he decided that super early in the morning he was going to walk to Grandma's house. Well grandma's house was about 2 miles away. I believe that a lady in the ward found him and was able to call our mom. Scary!
4. He is hilarious! Our family is able to laugh for days about the stuff Jordan says and does, he really is so funny and witty.

Jordan is so many amazing things, these are just a few of his awesome qualities. Anyone who meets Jordan likes him right away. We are so blessed to have Jordan in our lives.

Jordan's goals as of late:
1. Graduate high school
2. Go to law school (if you know Jordan at all you know he will be the best lawyer)
3. Learn to dirt bike so he can go with Tommy. Cute.  


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  1. Jordan is an amazing guy. Tell him we love him and hope his day is great!