Monday, September 10, 2012


 Wow! All I can say is wow! I am getting married to this guy in 19 days! I am so excited and so blessed to have him in my life. 
Last week I had the opportunity to go through the Temple for the first time. What an experience! The peace and happiness I felt all day was so indescribable, and I want to share it with the world! Being in the house of the Lord put things into so much perspective. They were things I maybe already knew but were amplified in the Temple.
1. The plan of salvation. How blessed are we to be able to know what happens after this life? And what happened before we came here to earth? That is a knowledge I am beyond grateful for. 
2. Heavenly Father loves each and everyone of us more than we can fathom. We are each one of is beloved children. Knowing that makes me feel beautiful. 
3. My soon to be spouse and family are the most important things. I am going to be a wife! We could not make a marriage work without God. We are so very blessed to be able to put each other and God first. 
4. My family love me and I love them! 
5. Tommy is the best thing to ever happen to me! 
These are in no particular order and all of great importance. 
The feeling that I have being on the Temple grounds is like no other feeling! I feel so pure, so innocent, and so happy. We are so blessed to have Temples on this earth today! I have a firm testimony of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. I am so thankful for the family that I have been blessed with. 

These pictures are at the breakfast after the Temple. 

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